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Woodbury House Encourages The Journey of Anyone Who Is Interested in Art.

We share our knowledge and offer guidance without prejudice or judgement.

We specialise in street art, with its powerful, often challenging messaging.

Our mission is to help collectors collect, whether you have an existing collection, or are considering owning a piece of art for the first time.

Our approach is that anyone interested in art should feel unintimidated, and confidently guided to their art acquisition.

And while our process is exclusive and private, our approach is open and impartial.

We run an appointment-only gallery in Mayfair where you will be welcomed regardless of whether you’re ready to begin, or to add to, your art collection, or would simply like to learn more about our artists and their art.


Why Woodbury House?

  • Private Art Gallery & Bar Located in Mayfair, London
  • Specialists in Richard Hambleton & Blek le Rat
  • Clients have accessibility to our exclusive events, exhibitions & private screenings
  • Dedicated Art Consultant to help keep you informed post purchase
  • Bi-weekly newsletters, weekly podcasts & forward-facing content
  • Honest, Transparent & Approachable
  • Our Promise to You: NO ART MARKET JARGON!
  • Woodbury House

“Post-War and Contemporary art was the largest sector of the fine art auction market in 2021, with a share of 55% of the value of global fine art auction sales. Sales totalled $6.7 billion, up by 42% year-on-year. Within the sector, sales of works created in the last 20 years reached $2.5 billion at auction, more than doubling in value from 2020.”

Source: Art Basel | UBS


Why Collect or Invest in Art?

  • Lifestyle Enjoyment
  • Cultural Significance
  • An Investment To Appreciate
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Tangibility
  • Explosive Capital Growth Potential
  • The London Watch Show 2022
  • Blek Le Rat Exhibition

Richard Hambleton (1952-2017)

Woodbury House specialise in the works of Richard Hambleton also known as ‘The Godfather of Street Art’. Richard Hambleton pioneered the street art movement in New York alongside Jean-Michel Basquiat & Keith Haring. He has inspired the likes of Blek le Rat & Banksy.

Woodbury House have been showcasing Richard Hambleton works in worldwide exhibitions since 2014 consisting of the UAE, Mexico City, Spain & countless in London including the famous Saatchi Gallery in 2020.

If you want to collect a Richard Hambleton, whether it be a Shadow Head, Landscape or a Masterpiece, Woodbury House can certainly help!


Why Collect Richard Hambleton

  • Critically Acclaimed
  • ‘The Godfather of Street Art’
  • Street Art History
  • Award Winning Documentary on Amazon Prime titled – ‘Shadowman’
  • Richard Hambleton X Giorgio Armani Worldwide Show
  • Rizzoli X Richard Hambleton Publication
  • Huge Capital Growth Appreciation Case Studies
  • Grossly Undervalued in Comparison to contemporaries Jean-Michel Basquiat & Keith Haring
  • Richard Hambleton - Homepage
  • Richard Hambleton
  • Richard Hambleton
  • Richard Hambleton Horse and Rider
  • wh-london-watch-show

“In his heyday, he was the kingpin of the scene, more famous – and valued more highly – than his now-venerated contemporaries Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.”

Source: The Independent

Blek le Rat (1951 – 71 years)

Woodbury House are the proud exclusive distributor of Blek le Rat works. Blek le Rat, born Xavier Prou in Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris in 1951, was one of the very first graffiti artists in Paris and is considered the originator of the stencil movement.

In 1981 in Paris, he chose the stencil that had a more Latin style which intrigued and impressed him deeply. But when he began to paint in the streets in 1981 in Paris, he chose the stencil that had a more Latin style which he felt was better suited to the architecture of Paris. His first stencils were small black rats that he made run along the walls of Paris. The rat, the anagram of the word ART, is for Blek, the only animal that will survive the apocalypse. In 1983, Blek began painting human-sized stencils. He is credited with being the inventor of the life-sized stencil, as well as the first to transform stencil from basic lettering into pictorial art.

Blek, has influenced generations of urban artists around the world such as world-renowned Banksy.

le Rat

Why Collect Blek le Rat

  • Street Art History
  • ‘Father of Stencil Art’
  • Inspired Banksy
  • Grossly undervalued in comparison to Banksy
  • Recognised Worldwide
  • Worldwide Exhibition History
  • Access to Primary Original Works
  • Huge Exhibitions Planned for 2023!
  • Blek Le Rat Exhibition
  • Blek Le Rat Exhibition
  • Blek Le Rat Exhibition
  • Blek Le Rat Exhibition
  • Blek Le Rat Exhibition
  • Blek Le Rat Exhibition

“Every time I think I’ve painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek le Rat has done it as well, only 20 years earlier.”

Source: Banksy Logo


We're thankful for these words from our collectors

  • Philippa McFarland

    Woodbury House have provided excellent support in our journey into investing in Richard Hambleton’s work. An art investment house to recommend.

  • Chris Nixon

    I enjoyed a very good first meeting with Sam at Woodbury House

    The information he was passing to me was very informative and I felt safe with his knowledge of the Art world that I have just taken my first steps in, and im looking forward to working with him again in the future for further purchases of art print and possibly original art works

    I would recommend Woodbury house to any people think of making their fist steps in the Art Market.

  • Scott Ellis

    I’d just like to say that if you’re looking at purchasing a Richard Hambleton piece there just is no other place to go than Woodbury house. They are Richard Hambleton. It’s their passion. Their reason for being. They’re not just selling you art, they’re helping you delve into the life of Richard. It’s all about the art and expression. This is such a cool and non pretentious little gallery. You could sit and sip a bottle of beer and look at the art and feel at ease if you were a bricklayer or a city slicker. Don’t dilly dally. Time waits for no man. I absolutely love my standing shadow man -run. I was catered for perfectly by owners Steve Sulley, Joe Bannan and Sam and the whole experience ran swiftly. Completely professional and smooth. Just as buying and appreciating art should be. It’s an experience. Owning an original price is a very satisfying feeling. They’re all a very happy and content group of professionals. I look forward to seeing them all again in the near future and adding to my collection, all washed down with a few cold beers too

  • Mark Batcheler

    I have just dipped my toe into investing in art and have received excellent advise from Joseph and Mitch at Woodbury House. After several calls with Mitch, I visited the studio in Soho and viewed the impressive Richard Hambleton collection before making my selection and committing to a purchase.
    Both Mitch and Joseph were extremely helpful in guiding me through what is a totally new World to me. I would not have made the commitment without the reassurance and advice they provided.
    I can recommend them to all those out there that are thinking of taking their first tentative steps into investing in art.

  • Nevil Yildiz

    My Richard Hambleton print was struggling to sell with another gallery, James stepped into help and within a few weeks I’d managed to get a very healthy return on my money, hassle free. A big thanks to James and the team at WH, they really are the RH experts.

  • BodyProof – Health and Performance

    As an absolute beginner to the art world I was treated with the utmost professionalism.
    The whole experience was exactly that, an experience to remember. from the first call to when my piece arrived.
    Not only was the whole experience fantastic but also a lesson in how to do business properly.
    I had more contact from Sam and the team after I’d paid my money than before I’d paid my money.
    Quite often in business as soon as you part with your cash the communications go quiet so a 5 Star review from me although Woodbury House would probably need a new chart with 10 stars if we were to give them a fair review.
    Absolutely fantastic.

  • Nigel Soons

    I was introduced to Woodbury House in 2015 and purchased two Richard Hambleton originals.I also at a later date added to my portfolio several reproductions from WH.I have found Steven Sulley to be extremely knowledgable with the Hambleton archive he promotes.Recently I sold one of my pieces through WH and made a substantial profit so I look forward to more success in the future .

  • Viktor Zafar Bodna Islam

    It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Woodbury House team. I bought Richards Hambletons original over a year ago and just sold it today for decent profit. Amazing team and immaculate customer service 👏 I will be back for more art pieces soon.

  • Mark Mclintock

    I recently bought my first piece of art threw Woodberry House and can not recommend them highly enough. Dealing with Joseph and the rest of the team was an absolute pleasure.
    It was my first time buying and just how Joseph took the time to actually share valuable knowledge with me and point me in the right direction was priceless, there’s being good at your job and then there’s having a love for it, at wooberry house you will see the love they have for what they do very impressive.
    Again it was absolute pleasure guys thanks.

  • Zak Mustapha

    Woodbury house team and Steven are spectacular to work with. I was new to art investing, and they got me up to speed, delivered returns in a few short months and the process was extremely easy. They truly make investing in art very easy and they transfer the funds after the sale very fast. It actually got me a better return than the stock market.
    Steven is also a wealth of knowledge in this field and I love the content he always sends.
    Thank you and look forward to continue working with you.

  • Martin Wright (PVT)

    I originally bought several Richard Hambleton pieces from Woodbury House in 2017 & 2018. Due to personnel changes we lost touch for a while but have been in touch again more recently with Steven & Adam and sold one of the pieces quickly at 30% profit which is not bad over 4 years. The backoffice staff are helpful too.

  • Onkar Toor

    I can recommend Steven Sulley and his team at Woodbury House for excellent customer service. I bought a painting investment and received a profit within a year. I would highly recommend looking into investing in art !

  • Robert Bowgen

    I have been doing business with Woodbury House since 2014. Via founder Steven Sulley I have brought a number of paintings by Richard Hambleton and other established artists, some of which I have subsequently sold through Woodbury House for a substantial profit. I believe them to have a great knowledge of the contemporary art market and to be ideally placed to offer a good investment opportunity. I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for an alternative to the under-performing mainstream investment market.

  • Lewis

    Educate 2trade

    I have had the pleasure of visiting Woodbury House soho studio on numerous occasions.

    Excellent studio with a vast array of beautiful Richard Hambleton originals.

    Steve & Joe are extremely polite, professional and knowledgeable.

    I had the pleasure to talk with Steven on the ‘The Steven Sulley Study’ which was great and attended their excellent show at the world renowned Saatchi Gallery!

    Well done guys and see you soon!

  • Tony Butcher

    I can recommend Steven Sulley and his team at Woodbury House for their efficient service; I have experienced good returns on my art investments through them.

  • Charlie Groom

    Co-Founder & Creative Director, The London Watch Show

    I have had the pleasure of dealing with both Steven Sulley & Joe Bannan at Woodbury House, as the creative director of The London Watch Show it is of utmost importance to ensure all attendees get great value whilst attending the show and with companies such as Woodbury House, who have not only an extremely professional team but a wealth of knowledge within their industry all based within in there amazing studio, it really does help me do my job to the best of my ability, and i can truly say it is not only a pleasure to be working with them but also a pleasure to have them on board as one of the main exhibitors at The London Watch Show.

  • Jack Jones

    I visited Woodbury House and met with Joseph & Steven.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, they have some of the best Richard Hambletons I have ever seen. They kindly talked me through the company history, future plans and spoke in depth about Richard Hambletons artwork.

    Was a pleasure to meet the whole Woodbury House team and am very happy with the various pieces I have added to my collection.

    Thanks again guys!

  • Chloe Ferns

    I am super grateful to have been a guest on Stevens Podcast. It was great to connect with someone who shared the same views and had been on a similar journey.

    He is very talented at what he does, I felt inspired when leaving the studio. He has lots of inspiration and insight to share. I truly believe he can help transform his listener’s lives.

    This was my first time in the studio and I was blown away by the standard of the art, staff and overall space. I would highly recommend this experience to all 🙂

  • Naomi Wallens

    I had the recent pleasure of being asked to take part in the Steven Sulley Study Podcast. Not only was it an amazing experience in raising my own profile but also to record at the awesome Woodbury House – who not only are hugely insightful and knowledgeable about the art market, but they are also so creative, full of ideas and on the pulse in addition to being a nice and genuine bunch of people to be around. It was an honour to have my work presented alongside Woodbury House at the Saatchi Gallery last September, and more recently having an honest and open chat to Steve on his podcast sharing our life stories. Thank you so much, Steve and the WH crew. X

  • Chris Fallows

    I recently had the great opportunity of chatting with Steve on his podcast, The Steven Sulley Study. It was fantastic to connect with someone who is equally passionate about his work and who has great knowledge and understanding of the art world. An added highlight to have exhibited next to Woodbury House at The Saatchi in London in 2020.
    It was also an honor to have Steve appraise my body of work and provide excellent and much appreciated guidance.

  • Eve dh

    Steve and the gallery are super professional. It’s been an honour to work with them. They have a great outlook on modern art as a whole.

  • Bran Symondson

    Battle Boutique Studios

    Steve Sulley and the team at Woodbury House have been amazing to work with, they have an honest ethos – something which is rare to come across these days. The gallery has a wonderful atmosphere with great attention to detail, their level of professionalism doesn’t go unnoticed.

  • Saturn Web

    Top gallery, Steve Sully is brilliant to work with! Thank you

  • Jayne Morley

    Whilst I have had experience working with other galleries I still consider myself as learning the ropes of art investment. Working with galleries was daunting as I knew my knowledge of the art itself and the product as an investment tool was limited. I think that’s where Woodbury House comes into its own. The team are down to earth, professional, and carefully help you navigate the potential that is the art investment world. They don’t treat you like just another client but you get the feeling they are genuinely excited for you and the investment you are making and have your best interests at the heart of their business. They have provided me with some good advice and assisted the purchase process from beginning to end. It’s a good partnership I feel lucky to have found.

  • Adrian Kiddle

    I purchased a number of Richard Hambleton pieces from Woodbury House for £136K in 2017. In March this year I did a part exchange on one of those pieces originally purchased for £18K making a profit of £3K ín cash and am expecting to see further profits later this year with the Hambleton movie coming out and various promotional events. Steven Sulley is very investment focussed and promises to do well for his clients.

  • Andrea Tyrimos

    I was honoured to be invited to chat with Steven on his wonderful podcast at Woodbury House in London’s Soho – and I had such a fab experience!

    Both professional and relaxed, Steven has a knack of putting you at ease, resulting in an organic and natural conversation.

    As well as being a guest artist I’m also an avid fan of Steven’s podcast series – it’s motivational, insightful and inspiring! Highly recommend.

  • Untitled-1 Admin

    Untitled-1 the copyright owner of all artworks ever created by Richard Hambleton, work with Woodbury House. As an official distributor we work closely with the Woodbury House team to release limited edition artworks. Representatives of Untitled-1 have appeared on Steve Sulley’s podcast to share their thoughts on Hambleton. A recent and significant talking point was the recent Hambleton exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery organised by the Woodbury House team. We look forward to working with Woodbury House on the release of further limited-edition artworks.

  • Steve Bishop

    Been to many of the Woodbury House events over the years with our own personal clients and have always enjoyed the experience.

    All the team have always been accommodating and we’re all looking forward to attending future events.

  • Ahmed Hady Marian Sarbu

    Excellent studio based in Soho. Really polite people and great service

  • Oliver Clark

    The Woodbury house team have been excellent through out my interactions. Steven and Joseph are professional, engaging and knowledgeable. It was my first time to buy art and I purchased a Shadow head in summer 2020 and sold in spring 2021 with a 25% increase.

    The team are creative, have innovative ideas and a real passion and energy for contemporary art and especially Richard Hambleton. Thanks again.

  • Elle Jackson

    First time purchasing art with Woodbury House and the team have been extremely helpful and informative, very impressed. I look forward to building my art portfolio with the help of the team at Woodbury House!

  • Franc Palaia

    I was offered representation by Woodbury House in the fall of 2019. I was thrilled and excited to be exhibiting in London by a reputable gallery that specializes in urban street art. I was interviewed by Steven Sulley for his podcast in Oct ‘2020 and was pleased with the thorough questions asked and the final piece was good and informative. They are very forward thinking, very comprehensive in their knowledge of all their artists and are very good at promoting their artists. They had a great presentation in last fall’s Start Art Fair at the Saatchi gallery where my work was highlighted along with Richard Hambleton’s work. If you are in London definitely stop by for a treat at Woodbury House.

  • John Rimmer

    I came across Woodbury House many years ago, I have had a wonderful experience ever since. I am a collector of Richard Hambleton. I’ve bought and sold lots of pieces through Woodbury House and have made a healthy profit every time. The knowledge Steven, Joe and the rest of the team have is impeccable. I am really pleased with my current portfolio and I’m really looking forward to the profits I will make in the near future.

  • James Rawlinson

    Having worked in contemporary art for almost two decades, my time working with Woodbury House has been incredibly enjoyable and productive. This is a truly innovative and refreshing way to exhibit and sell artworks of the highest standard. If you’re looking to collect and invest in art I highly recommend Woodbury House to be your first port of call. I look forward to working alongside such a great team in what I’m sure will be a very exciting period of success ahead!

  • BDW W

    Great experience dealing with all the team at Woodbury House. Extremely knowledgeable, they couldn’t have done more for me. Looking forward to dealing with them again in the future.

  • Terence Wisdom

    Having considered the contemporary art market somewhat late in life, my wife and I were drawn to the work of Richard Hambleton; so, we acquired two limited edition artworks of his. Subsequently, we came into contact with Joseph Bannan and Steven Sulley at Woodbury House Gallery and have been most impressed with their knowledge of the artist and the contemporary art market. We were sent fascinating information for research purposes, two additional pieces were then acquired from WH (one original), and we’re on our way into exciting times.

  • Janie Bannan

    I visited the Woodbury House exhibition at the Saatchi gallery October 2020.
    They presented an array of original artwork by Richard Hambleton.

    The exhibition was by far the best curated and I was very impressed with how attentive and knowledgeble all the staff where.

    Their enthusiasm along with knowledge shone through and I look forward to learning more about this artist and attending future events.

    Well done Woodbury House!!

  • Michael Zanelli

    I recently purchased a gold Horse & Rider via Woodbury House and Joseph Bannan.

    Knowledge, professionalism and service throughout has been exceptional. Naturally, after looking into Richard Hambleton these were undoubtedly the people to go to with their title ‘Key advisors to the Richard Hambleton archive’, Excited for future purchases.

    Thanks again guys!

  • The Woods co-op

    I’ve just purchased my first piece art through Steven Sulley at Woodbury house. They have been a pleasure to work with and i would recommend them if your looking for contemporary art.

  • Albert Diaz

    Steven Sulley invited me onto his podcast series in February.of 2021. We had a rather organic and smooth conversation. It would seem as though Sulley did some research before the chat which made me feel very much at ease. His questions were intelligent and completely relevant. Some of my contemporaries have also been featured on the podcast, resulting in a broader more thorough telling of the NYC Graffiti/Street Art history

  • Grizot Johnny

    I’m now in contact with Woodbury House since two years, our collaboration is quiet good and i know we have a lot more to come in the following years. They are really serious and know a lot about the market they are involved with, especially really strong with Richard Hambleton. I bought and sell some beautiful pieces through them, i really advice those people for buisness.

  • Peter Hallmark

    Very helpful and efficient advice from Steven and his team concerning my Richard Hambleton artwork , bringing rewards at a time when I needed them most

  • Fernando Carlo

    My interview with steve sulley on his podcast and for Woodbury house art was top of the line really great and genuine people pure professionals I’m truly looking forward to working with there team in the near future thanks guys much respect you guys are phenomenal COPE2 BRONX GRAFFITI LEGEND 🙏🏼👊🏼

  • Ashley Whitaker

    First time working with Woodbury House and have been impressed from the outset. Engaging, polite, clear and concise and have very exciting and ambitious plans for the future. A talented and dynamic team that I look forward to working with again. Watch this space!

  • David Ritchie

    I bought 3 artworks from Woodbury House in 2016/17 at cost of £52k. In 2020 they were part-exchanged at a value of £65k against a unique Richard Hambleton Shadowman. I also recently part-exchanged a Richard Hambleton Shadowman bought from another gallery in 2019 against a better one from Woodbury House, with a 13% return on the part-exchange. Woodbury House are helping to drive good prospects for Richard Hambleton Shadowman pieces this year

  • Derek Hughes

    In the last year Steve and his team doubled my money on my initial investment in a Richard Hambleton original and my re-investment in a larger picture is looking very healthy. My Woodbury investment complements my range of stock market and other traditional areas at a time when it is difficult to find growth opportunities.
    I have been happy with the level of service and support offered by Steve and Joe and their back-up team, and enjoy the mix of enthusiasm and professionalism they bring to their work. Derek H.

  • Jason Braby

    Introduced to Woodbury House last year after looking to diversify my portfolio into alternative investments. The art market has interested me but lacked the expertise to make informed investment decisions.

    Steve and Joe shared their vast knowledge of the Art market which led me to invest in a Richard Hambleton Shadow Head. This returned a decent profit which I used to part exchange for a Hambleton Nightlife piece.

    Throughout the process the team at Woodbury have kept me updated on the market and have never felt pressured into investing, updates are regular and informative so not only is my portfolio increasing in value my knowledge of art market is also.

    Very happy with my investments which sit nicely alongside my more traditional ones.

  • Neil Ridgway

    My name is Neil Ridgway and I first got introduced to WH back in 2017. I was looking for alternative investments and although I didn’t see my first experience of taking a soldier boy as an investment it was the opening of the vast experience that they had to share. I purchased a Richard Hambleton Shadow Head in 2018 that I sold in early 2020 at a good profit. I have reinvested into a shadow man in April 2020 and again later in 2020 in Hambleton’s ‘l only have eyes for you’. These are both a great investment along side my more traditional ones that will send us on a great journey together. Exciting times ahead. Thanks Steve and the rest of the crew.

  • Trevor Warne

    I found WH when looking to change from traditional investments to something more tangible. Steven, Joe and the team have been brilliant at guiding me through this new experience. Due to their knowledge and enthusiasm, I have already made a good return on one Richard Hambelton piece and hope to do the same on more.

  • Brian Hudson

    My name is Brian Hudson and I am almost 91 years old. I was introduced to Steven Sulley no more than a year ago and after careful consideration I bought an original Richard Hambleton artwork for £24k in May 2020 and sold it in January 2021 for £30k. Needless to say l am very pleased with the result.

  • Enza

    The team is very welcoming, I look forward to attending the gallery in the near future.

  • Stef Barone

    A great selection of artwork & a team with immense knowledge. Would highly recommend

  • Made up Ants

    Amazing team, they have given me an insight into the art industry, I look forward to attending the studio soon

  • Molly Phillips

    Great selection – I get all my main pieces here & also inspo for my own work.

  • Carol Clarke

    The team are very friendly, informed and professional..the studio is well set out and conducive to the art that is displayed

  • Hazzard Kathryn

    Love this place and what a great bunch of people. Everyone made me feel so welcome. Hope to visit again soon.

  • Michael

    I have worked with Woodbury House and am happy to report a great experience. After meeting with the team at a private event at the graucho club I have both brought and sold via Woodbury House, one piece in particular provided me with a great ROI. Happy to recommend Woodbury House to all. Thanks again – Michael

  • Valerie Baker

    I was introduced to Woodbury House by a friend in 2018
    I decided to invest in a Richard Hambleton original ‘Shadow Head’ from 2014. I recently sold it for a significent profit.
    I am delighted at the outcome and would highly recommend work by Richard Hambleton and Woodbury House

  • David Carle

    I have worked with Woodbury House since 2017, I have been very happy with there customer service and even happier with the returns on my Richard Hambleton original purchases. Would recommend this gallery highly. David

  • Gordon Reynolds

    Worked with Woodbury House for some time now. Knowledgeable, informative and passionate about art. Have brought and sold via them on numerous occasions and happy with everything thus far.

  • Acesiz Official

    Great studio, great people, great artwork, very welcoming and helpful bunch

  • Derek Brown

    Met some of the Woodbury House team at a private event. After watching the “Shadowman” documentary and enjoying the evening, I booked in to meet with them again at their studio in Soho, London. Happy to say I have brought and more importantly sold on many occasions via WH. Great team, informative, polite and knowledgeable personnel. See you all soon – Derek

  • Shahiba Majid

    Have dealt with the people at Woodbury House before. They’ve always seemed very attentive and above all knowledgeable about the art market and the works they are selling. I went to an art event they had hosted at the Graucho club a while back and I was definitely impressed. I’ll likely be returning to purchase more works in the future.

  • Natalie

    A friend introduced me to Woodbury House a couple of years ago and have been lucky to attend a few of their private events as well as meeting the artists! Great art pieces available and really welcoming staff. I’m new to purchasing art works and the co-owners patiently explained my options and introduced me to some incredible pieces! Keep up the good work!

  • Claire Robards

    I was recommended Woodbury House via a friend that has been a client of theirs for many years now.
    So far, the service has been faultless, and I found my visit to the Soho studio a very warm and welcoming one.
    Very polite and knowledgeable staff, keen to do all they can to educate and help me acquire the perfect artwork. And what a great selection they have!
    Highly recommend!

  • Alistair Solomon

    I initially engaged with Woodbury House after attending their private event at a certain hotel. After this I made an appointment with the team at their studio in Soho, London. Brilliant experience and some lovely pieces in the studio, which were great to see. Really pleased so far with pieces I bought via them. The service has been excellent, continually keeping me up to date with what’s happening in the market.