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The home of street art

Since 2014, we’ve specialised in urban street art and in particular, the work of the Father of street art, Richard Hambleton and the Father of stencil art, Blek le Rat. Both inspired street art movements and are hugely important figures in street art history.

Just like Hambleton and Blek le Rat, our mission is to bring art to the people. We are proud to be official advisors and distributors to the Richard Hambleton Foundation and are the exclusive distributor for Blek le Rat works in the UK.

These urban street artists, who were born just one year apart in different parts of the world, originally used the streets as their canvas, with humanity as their subject.

Their art gives a commentary on life at the time, delighting and shocking passersby on the streets of New York (Richard Hambleton) or Paris (Blek le Rat).

Fortunately, while their public art may have faded with time or has been painted over by other street artists, both also painted on canvas and other mediums, and have their work displayed in galleries and exhibitions around the world.

Our gallery in the heart of Mayfair, is steeped in street art history and is open by appointment to anyone interested in finding more about these incredible street artists.


Richard Hambleton

The Godfather of Street Art

Richard Hambleton was an intensely interesting artist and we are proud to be advisors and distributors to his foundation.

His rollercoaster of a life has been documented in the film Shadowman which is compulsive viewing for anyone who has begun to be hooked on the work this man created, and the story behind it.

He became an enigma and disappeared from view for some years; his story is desperate but also full of inspiration and talent.

Richard Hambleton’s legendary Shadowmen (which came to symbolise 1980s New York), Mass Murder Series, silhouettes and figures faded from the walls and doorways of Canada and America, but his legacy remains

  • Richard Hambleton - Homepage
  • Richard Hambleton
  • Richard Hambleton
  • An Evening With The Shadowman.
le Rat

Blek le Rat

The Father Of Stencil Art

We enjoy a close relationship with Blek le Rat and are proud to be his exclusive UK distributor for primary works.

Blek le Rat is a huge fan of Richard Hambleton, and one of Blek’s greatest regrets was that he was never able to meet him in person. But now, Blek is working on a fascinating tribute to Hambleton, which we have been fortunate to see take shape.

A lot of people who like to collect Blek le Rat’s art, like to collect it on wood. There is something that relates more closely to the street about it, something that makes it more gritty.

Our collections of work by Blek le Rat are on a mixture of mediums, and can be seen in our Mayfair Gallery by appointment, by anyone who’d like to come along to view and learn more.

  • Blek le Rat - Homepage
  • Blek le Rat - Homepage
  • Blek le Rat - Homepage


Los Angeles Street Art Pioneer

Considered one of the pioneering members of the first generation of Los Angeles graffiti writers, Defer has distilled the hand style developed since his youth into abstract pieces that incorporate typographic motifs, cultural motifs, and complex patterning.

Defer is undoubtedly a leading figure in the East Coast Graffiti movement alongside other names such as Chaz Bojorquez, Retna, Zes and Saber.
Defer’s paintings are highly detailed examinations of line and colour, in which he refers to his style as his ‘Spiritual Language’. His work stems from his culture and connection to graffiti and the urban landscape, representing a profound artistic language that distorts the lines between street art and fine art. Defer was showcased at the ‘Getty Museum’ in Los Angeles, and his artwork was featured in the ‘Beyond The Streets’ exhibitions in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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  • DEF013
  • DEF001


Lord Scotch 79

KEO XMEN aka Lord Scotch 79, is a prolific graffiti writer and graphic designer. KEO designed logos and illustrated album covers for notable Hip-Hop artists and labels including Kool Keith, Inspectah Deck of the Wu-Tang Clan, EPMD and Nervous records; though perhaps best known for his iconic artwork on Operation: Doomsday by the late MF DOOM.

At fifteen years old, KEO had his first show at the legendary FUN Gallery alongside Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Richard Hambleton, DONDI, FUTURA 2000 and HAZE. During this time, KEO spent the early 80s refining his craft, painting subway trains on the backdrop of the burgeoning New York Hip-Hop scene.

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  • KEO-053
  • KEO-040
  • KEO_Wonder_Dog
  • KEO_060

About Us

The energy behind Woodbury House is Steven Sulley and Joseph Bannan.

We are captivated by urban street art; we live and breathe the work and the motivations of the street artists we represent, and we cultivate our relationships with them.

Our relationship with Blek le Rat is ongoing. We work to help spread the word of his talent and his art. Part of the privilege of working with him is that we see his art evolve as he finds new inspiration, new collaborations, new influences.

Blek le Rat is influenced by the work of Richard Hambleton, and is the only artist he has ever bought. “In my humble opinion, he is the most important street artist.”

Blek himself recognises the value of investing in buying art. “I bought my Richard Hambleton for $1,500 in 1990 and now I know I can sell it for £300,000.”

And our Richard Hambleton collection is ever-changing as we gather and pass pieces on to collectors.

It’s an exciting world to live in and we welcome anyone who’d like to discover more, whether you’re just becoming a fan of street art, or are already collecting. Our gallery in Mayfair is open by appointment to all interested in art.

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