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Art Is The Passing Of A Torch – with Nemo Librizzi

Featuring: Nemo Librizzi


This week, Steven talks to self-described bohemian, Nemo Librizzi, described by Paradigm Magazine as having an “innate academic curiosity and fearless need for adventure,” making him “a true arbiter of cool”.

Nemo talks about the projects he’s been involved with since his days as a graffiti artist, as well as the art market and world of culture surrounding it in 2021.


Artists should not always be labelled so under a single designation. Nemo’s interests lie in many different areas and fields, and removing the labels allows him to float freely between his passions.

Many artists we consider to be great today, are the ones who express themselves, and have this expression recognised later. Great artists tend not to fit within the confines of what is popular at the time.

Graffiti and street art, while slowly coming to the fore, have not yet truly taken their place in the hierarchy of artistic expression just yet.

When confronted with darkness, the true visionaries use the fear and emotional reaction, to create something beautiful.


‘I’ve always made some kind of art or writing.’

‘Anything artistic, creative, or culturally meaningful – you can count me in.’

‘Art history has always been the passing of a torch.’

‘Street art was the most important movement of the 80’s.’


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