Creating A Scene - with Blek Le Rat - Woodbury House
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Creating A Scene – with Blek Le Rat

Featuring: Blek Le Rat


This week, Steven talks to Blek Le Rat, one of the first graffiti artists in Paris, and a man who has been described as the “Father of stencil graffiti”, and with a career spanning back from the beginning of the 1980’s that has attracted the attention of not just the authorities, but the likes of Banksy.


Visionaries influence emerging talents. Sometimes all it takes is a spark of genius at the right time, to set us off on our own creative journeys.

Blek Le Rat took the creative jumpstart in New York and across Europe, and began the graffiti art scene in Paris, pioneering the art form and bringing it to one of the most culturally enlightened cities in the world.

When we translate an art form, it’s important that we put our own mark on things. Street art in different cities needs to reflect that particular city itself.

Art is seen as a safe haven for investors, where money is not just be stored, but thrives and grows. Art has, and always will be, one of the most valuable commodities for investors.

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