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Woodbury House visits New York City

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This month the Woodbury House team took a trip across the Atlantic to the home of Richard Hambleton and the birthplace of The Shadowman.

During the stay, they met again with Nemo Librizzi, who took them on a tour of New York City; the Lower East Side and Brooklyn were much of the focus, where Hambleton resided and created much of his on-canvas work.

Hidden at a secret location within the concrete jungle, were two of the original Shadowmen by Hambleton, in which the team visited to get a real sense of what it felt like to see the art at the locations they were meant to be experienced in.

Much time was spent in the studios of the many faces linked to the early days of graffiti, the teenage subway car writers from the 70s and 80s known as Daze, Crash and Al Diaz. They discussed the state of New York back when the street art movement was gaining momentum, the effect that has all had on the art world today and the legacy of their friend Richard Hambleton.

Interviews with the mentioned names and more, including Franc Palaia, Lee Quiñones, Scotch79th, Mike Malborn of Frank’s Chop Shop and Michael Achenbaum of The Gansevoort Meatpacking Hotel will be released within our upcoming documentary on Woodbury House’s visits NYC. To have a quick look at what the team got up to, watch the teaser trailer below.

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