The Legacy Of The Shadowman - with Nemo Librizzi - Woodbury House
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The Legacy Of The Shadowman – with Nemo Librizzi

Featuring: Nemo Librizzi


This week, Woodbury House Founder – Steven talks to self-described bohemian, Nemo Librizzi, described by Paradigm Magazine as having an “innate academic curiosity and fearless need for adventure,” making him “a true arbiter of cool.”

Nemo talks about the preservation of Richard Hambleton’s work, and why his work has endured.

Key Points:

When we put enough care and attention into the preservation of a legacy, it becomes more than just a business concern. It becomes a true passion.

We are all meant to disrupt and ruffles feathers. If we’re not doing that, then we are not reaching the biggest audience possible. Everyone has haters, but they don’t attract them wholesale until they become truly successful.

It doesn’t matter where you come from in life. Art can speak to anyone, especially if it plays upon the elements we all experience in life. We all have a shadow that follows us through life.

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