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Woodbury House X Navinder Nangla


If you have recently wandered around Soho, London, there is a high chance you will have stumbled across Navinder’s work. From his signature taglines ‘Fashion Weak’ and ‘Fassion Is My Pashion’ to his tongue-in-cheek takes on fashion labels, such as ‘Balance-iaga’.

At 27 years old, his work has already gained praise in the fashion world and beyond and earned him collaborations with brands and artists, including Gucci, Machine-A, Converse and slowthai. We started our chat with Navinder on the streets of Soho before heading to our gallery to show him our Richard Hambleton collection.

We discuss Navinder’s early interest in fashion and art and discover the artists that inspired him first to begin working on the streets, such as Francis Bacon, Banksy and Shepard Fairey. The meaning behind his signature colour scheme and the name ‘Van Goth’, plus his dedication to showcasing that dyslexia is not something anyone needs to hide.


“Destruction is a form of creation for me.” – Navinder Nangla.

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