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Woodbury House X Ronald Sosinski


As we head to the final days of this exhibition, we extend our gratitude once more to Richard’s friend, the gallerist, collector and curator Ronald Sosinski, for selecting us to showcase the 1984 masterpiece, ‘Mr Wonderful’.

Ronald first met Richard in the 1980s in the East Village art scene, and a relationship based on mutual respect and intellectual curiosity soon grew between them. Ahead of the opening of the ‘Mr Wonderful’ exhibition, we were delighted to welcome Ronald to the gallery for a private tour with our Gallery Director, Joseph Bannan. Joseph and Ronald walk through the exhibition, discussing the paintings individually.

Ronald explains his interpretations of rare paintings he has never seen before based on his knowledge of Richard’s personality and character. In the interview that follows the tour, Ronald talks to Joseph about his background as a curator in the 1980s East Village scene, his close relationship with Richard, his thoughts on Richard’s legacy, the creation of the masterpiece ‘Mr Wonderful’ and much more.

“I like to think of [Mr Wonderful] as Richard in eternity.” – Ronald Sosinski.

Archival Images Courtesy of Diana Mara Henry

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